Top 5 Matt Duchene Goals from 2014-15

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#1: Matt Duchene vs John Gibson

We have to end the post on a proper Matt Duchene goal. I won’t say it’s a breakaway spin-o-rama toe drag. However, it’s a beauty from Matty Dutch.

The goal came on the eve of the Colorado Avalanche’s mathematical elimination from playoff contention. It was also Matt Duchene’s last goal of the season. Those two facts make the goal somewhat bittersweet.

However, the Colorado Avalanche ended up beating the Anaheim Ducks 4-2. And Duchene’s goal is the game-winner:

Even with the burst of speed that leads to the breakaway, this goal isn’t the most spectacular from Matt Duchene. However, I favor it not only for the bittersweetness of the memory, but also because of the actual effort it took for Duchene to score. That Duck’s defender has draped himself across Duchene like a cheap suit. Matt Duchene scores anyway.

So, Avs Nation, what were your favorite Matt Duchene goals from the 2014-15 season?

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