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Left wing Alex Tanguay will forever have his place in Colorado Avalanche history as the man who scored the game winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the New Jersey Devils. This season may not have been quite so spectacular, but the now-veteran Tanguay still managed to earn the #3 spot for points on the team. Not bad for a player who was really pegged more of as a leader to the young guys.

Alex Tanguay is also known for having an accurate shot — he led the league last season among all regular skaters with an impressive 21% shooting accuracy. Concerning the teams that count most, those in the Western Conference, Tanguay scored 11 goals and earned 22 assists.

So, though hockey is a team sport, let’s look at how Tanguay did overall against the Western Conference, especially against the Central Division.

Alex Tanguay, No Show

There certainly was never a game in which Tanguay didn’t give his best. However, there were a couple teams he only earned a single assist and one team against which he failed to score a single point. The Anaheim Ducks and, surprisingly, the Arizona Coyotes were the two teams that limited him to an assist each, though he did miss one of the Arizona games.

Not surprisingly, the Minnesota Wild was the team against which he didn’t score at all. That’s not a comment on Tanguay personally. The Avalanche only managed to score five goals total in the five-game series. Somehow, Tanguay didn’t get in on any of that scoring.

Alex Tanguay, Small Fry

It’s hard to so that any contribution is small, especially when it led to Colorado Avalanche scoring. However, for purposes of classification, a couple teams limited Alex Tanguay.

Two Central Division Rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Nashville Predators, limited Tanguay’s contributions to assists. He earned two assists against the Blackhawks and three against the Predators. Interestingly, the assists against the Blackhawks came in the first and last games of the series.

Another team that gave the Colorado Avalanche trouble was the San Jose Sharks — the Avs didn’t manage to beat them once in two tries. However, Tanguay did score a goal in the first game, a 3-2 loss in the shootout. It was a beauty, too — a short-handed goal assisted by Erik Johnson and Jan Hejda:

Alex Tanguay, Terminator

Some teams, Alex Tanguay just had their number. Strangely, though the Avalanche struggled with the Winnipeg Jets as a team, Tanguay earned five points — one goal and four assists — against them. Even more impressive, Tanaguay managed two goals and three assists against the Dallas Stars.

Tanguay really shined against the Pacific Division, though. He earned a goal and three assists against the Vancouver Canucks in just three games. The goal, which happened March 26th, happened to be the game winner.

Tanguay also knew how to handle his old team, the Calgary Flames. In three games he scored three goals and one assists. Each of the goals came in a different game.

Alex Tanguay, Etc.

In addition to the above scoring, Alex Tanguay earned a goal and two assists against the Edmonton Oilers and a goal and an assist against the LA Kings.

Against the Central Division as a whole he earned four goals and 13 assists. Strangely he scored more against the Pacific Division — seven goals and nine assists in 11 fewer games. Must be all those years he played for the Flames — he learned how to solve that division.


Alex Tanguay bounced between lines as head coach Patrick Roy attempted to spark scoring. As his numbers show, he elevates his play and his teammates’ play no matter which line he’s on. While he served as a great mentor for youngster Nathan MacKinnon, he especially has chemistry with center Matt Duchene. As of right now, the plan appears to be to put him on a line with Duchene and his old Calgary Flames teammate, Jarome Iginla.
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