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Colorado Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie had a career season with his 53 points, becoming only the fourth-ever Avalanche defenseman to earn 50+ points in a season. However, this was in a season that saw the Avalanche go 34-31-12 for the year, and only 21-22-7 against the Western Conference.

Naturally hockey is a team sport, and one player alone cannot make all the difference. Tyson Barrie is a second-line defenseman and best known for his offensive play. However, while continuing the Avalanche season in review, let’s look at how Barrie did against the most important conference for the Avalanche — their own Western Conference.

Tyson Barrie No Show

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Tyson Barrie was something of a no-show against two teams the Colorado Avalanche really struggle with — the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues. Barrie missed one of the games against the Minnesota Wild with a hip injury. However, he played the other four games against them and also all five games against the St. Louis Blues.

Barrie did not earn a single point in any of those games. Not only that, he averaged -1 on the plus-minus rating for both. Plus, of all the teams…  Avalanche fans and, presumably Barrie himself, wanted to see the defenseman prevail against the Minnesota Wild. We all wanted him to show off the functionality of his knee that Wild forward Matt Cooke targeted in the 2014 playoffs.

Tyson Barrie, Personal Assistant

On the other hand, Tyson Barrie did quite well against the Nashville Predators. He still ended up closer to -1 on the plus-minus rating. However, he earned two assists during the five games. Naturally, his January assist came on a last-minute goal by Nick Holden that kept the Avalanche in the game, even though they went on to lose in overtime.  During the April feel-good stretch, Barrie assisted on a goal by Jarome Iginla that also tied the game, though this came in the second period.

Barrie also helped the Avalanche with a goal and an assist against the Winnipeg Jets. His assist in the October game was a shining light because it came on the power play. The Avs ended up losing in overtime. Barrie earned an, unfortunately, meaningless goal against the Jets in February — the Avs fell 5-3 after a pretty dismal performance.

Tyson Barrie, Terminator

Tyson Barrie really shined against two Central Division rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Dallas Stars.

Barrie earned two goals and two assists against the Blackhawks and was an even 0 in the plus-minus category. He earned an assist in the final game of the season, a feel-good win for Avs fans. Then there was that time Barrie owned the future Stanley Cup champs, earning two goals and an assist in the Februray 20, game. His assist was on the game winner.

Barrie scored two goals and earned five assists against the Dallas Stars. Two of the assists came in November, when the Avalanche unbelievably shelled the Stars with 47 shots. One of the assists was on the game winner, and earned a +2 overall for the series.

In Feburary, Barrie just had their number. He got a game-tying goal. His assists came on game-tying goals as well, which helped allow the team to win in the shootout.

Earlier in February, Tyson Barrie did what he does best — saved the game with a last-minute goal.

The Avalanche went on to win this one in the shootout, too.

Overall against the Central Division, Barrie got eight goals and 20 assists for 28 points.

Tyson Barrie, Etc.

Tyson Barrie did well against the Pacific Division as well with two goals and 11 assists. Three of those assists came against the Anaheim Ducks, and that’s no easy feat considering the Avalanche only beat them once. (Barrie got two assists in that game.) Barrie assisted well against the Calgary Flames, too, earning three.

Four of the other assists came against the Vancouver Canucks, including three in the October 24, game the Avalanche won 7-3. The remaining was against the Edmonton Oilers. Barrie got nothing against the San Jose Sharks.

One of Barrie’s goals game in that terrible game against the LA Kings after the Avalanche had officially been eliminated from playoff contention. However, the other goal was one of five Colorado scored on the Arizona Coyotes in mid-February.


Tyson Barrie, like the rest team, started out a little slowly. Barrie, like most of the rest of the team, performed poorly against the rival Minnesota Wild. The rest of the time, he seemed to be living up to the hype as a clutch offensive defenseman.

Barrie continues to shine especially in last-minute plays. Whether he’s scoring the last-minute game-tying goal or assisting in it, he’s the cool head in the crowd when the stakes are highest.

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