Colorado Avalanche 20 Years, 20 Moments: Final Poll


The Colorado Avalanche have finally started training camp, which means that their twenty year anniversary season is just around the corner. Over the past two weeks, I’ve released two posts chronicling moments over the twenty year history for the Colorado Avalanche in the form of polls.

These polls fell into five categories: The Early Years, The Dynasty, The Years of Little Hope, The Rebuild, and The Future. There were 4 options in each poll to begin with, but last week the inadequate options were weeded out, and each poll was left with 2 options excepting The Rebuild poll, which had three due to a tie in second place.

However, this week there will be one poll consisting of the five best options from each poll. The goal is to get down to what you as the fans deem the best moment over the last twenty years. Certainly fans only have available to them my original options, but I think these 5 moments do a pretty grand job of representing all stages of Colorado Avalanche hockey over the past twenty years.

So, this will be the last post of its kind — barring any tie — because the final result will be at the conclusion of voting, and every fan will have access to said moment.

Without further delay, here are your options:

1) The Red Wings Rivalry — This one was the run-away favorite during both polls about the early years of Colorado Avalanche hockey. And, there’s really no surprise there because it was pretty vicious, and certainly defined the early era of the Colorado Avalanche. Of course, this rivalry inspired the opponent for the first outdoor game in Avalanche history, and has made for an interesting Alumni game next year.

2) Ray Bourque Lifts the Cup — No surprise here, even though options for this poll originally included both Stanley Cup wins as well. It was a sight to see when Bourque finally got to kiss this glorious trophy, and this moment will forever live in the hearts and minds of Colorado Avalanche fans. There’s a reason his jersey number is retired in the rafters of the Pepsi Center.

3) Adam Foote’s Final Shift — Well, this had to make the list and along with Bourque’s moment, this is probably one of the greatest moments in Avalanche defensemen history. Footer’s final shift was a glorious sight to behold because he put the punishing nature of his career into one shift, one final and momentous shift that will stay with Avalanche fans until the grave.

4) The Hiring of Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic — Well, I have to say that even though this was a pretty big step in the right direction for the Colorado Avalanche, there were certainly some other intriguing options for this poll. Like Matt Duchene’s celebration when he was drafted, or the drafting of Nathan MacKinnon. Nonetheless, this is certainly the culminating factor of the rebuild, and this signing will take the Avalanche back into the realm of relevance and contention.

5) Patrick Roy’s Partition Push — The final option is a grand one indeed. Patrick Roy preaches a partnership with his players, and he proved true to his word about partnership in his first game behind the bench by getting in an altercation of sorts with Anaheim Ducks coach, Bruce Boudreau. Ben Lovejoy of the Anaheim Ducks — at the time — had a dirty knee to knee hit on Nathan MacKinnon, our up and coming star, and so Roy was nonplussed about the whole ordeal. I think the Ducks felt a level of embarrassment as well. No matter the reason, Roy showed his dedication to his players in electric fashion by dismantling the barrier between the coach’s benches, a moment to be remembered.

Anyway, there’s your options and choose wisely because you’re voting for the No. 1 overall moment in Colorado Avalanche history, over the last twenty years of course.

Here’s to another twenty years at least, cheers folks!

There’s no way to accommodate all fans with these options. So, what are your favorite moments in Colorado Avalanche history? What would be your No. 1 pick if it were up to you? Let us know in the comments!

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