Colorado Avalanche 20-Year Anniversary: How Does it Relate to You?

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Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports just released a great article, discussing 20 moments over the past 20 years in Colorado Avalanche history. These moments are not necessarily the greatest moments, but certainly do not lack in importance and overall impact. However, I figured that we here at MHS could do our own version, one that includes the fan, and their insight into 20 of our own moments.

This is a post for the fans by a fan because 20 years is a big deal. Perhaps you’ve only been a fan for half those years, maybe all of them, or possibly just a few years; either way, we all have a plethora of memorable moments. I’ll start off with five of mine, and then we’ll jump into a series of five polls with 4 moments on each. These polls directly correlate to specific eras in Colorado Avalanche history.

I have this idea to determine what the fans dub as the greatest moment from my options by doing a subsequent post every week, after this one, until the final moment is chosen. So, next week Thursday we should have narrowed it down to five moments (one for each poll). Then from here I’ll be counting down the moments until the season starts, so join in the fun folks because it’s about to begin.

In light of this exciting 20-year anniversary, I decided to start with a quick punch of the 5 most defining moments in Colorado Avalanche history to my estimation. It must be noted, that I was born in 1991, so my memory of the team starts around the late 90’s, but mostly with the early 2000’s.

First of all, it also must be noted that these moments are specific to the Colorado Avalanche; thus, the Eric Lindros trade (certainly the most defining moment in Colorado Avalanche history) has no place here because it was a transaction of the Quebec Nordiques, even though this trade is the past, present, and future of the Colorado Avalanche. If you are intrigued with this trade, and would like to know how it impacted the Colorado Avalanche, follow this link.

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