The Best Moments In Colorado Avalanche History

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Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche are about to begin their twenty-year anniversary season, and that’s a pretty big deal. Last week I released an article chronicling my favorite five moments in Colorado Avalanche history, along with five polls that had 4 moments in Colorado Avalanche history listed on them. The fans have voted, and the results are in so let’s hop to it.

I broke the five polls into five different categories: The Early Years, The Dynasty, The Years of Little Hope, The Rebuild, and The Future.

There are a little over two weeks left until the preseason begins for the Colorado Avalanche. So, each category from last weeks poll will still exist this week in order to determine a clear cut winner for each poll. Thus each category will sport two options this week, with the exception of The Rebuild category, as there was a tie for second place, so it will sport three options.

I promised five moments in history would be left this week in last week’s article, and in many cases this is inevitable as second place in the polls was not much competition across the board. However, as a benefit for the doubt, I revised my previous statement and meant to include 10 moments this week. But there is an outlier in one of the polls; as such, perfection takes a back seat to 11 options this week.

Hopefully, we’ll be left with 5 options next week, and a single poll to determine the overall consensus of the fan’s favorite moment.

Without further delay…

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