Avalanche NHL Draft 2015: Evaluating Current Mock Drafts


At Fan Sided we’re going to commence a site-wide mock draft starting soon. Mile High Sticking is naturally in charge of the Colorado Avalanche NHL draft 2015, selection #10. I’ve got a few ideas of who I’d like to see walk up to the podium, pull an Avalanche jersey over his head and stand between legends Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy for pictures. (I’ll throw out a few names at the bottom of this post.)

Some sites have already published a complete first-round NHL mock draft. Let’s look at who these sites have chosen for the Avalanche NHL draft 2015 in mock up.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Reports 2015 NHL mock draft, first round.

For some reason Bleacher Report has the Colorado Avalanche selecting at position #9, but let’s not worry too much about that. Their selection, defenseman Oliver Kylington, is slated to go between 10 to 30, so anything can happen.

MHS writer Janik Beichler wrote a full profile on Kylington already. Beichler evaluates Kylington as a top-four defenseman:

"“His skill-set gives him all the tools to succeed as a top-pairing defenseman — perhaps beside Erik Johnson or Tyson Barrie.”"

Beichler surmises that the Avalanche will only pick Kylington if they acquire a later first-round pick, and I agree. At 6-foot, 180 pounds, Kylington is small for what the Avalanche want in a forward, much less a defenseman.

Draft Utopia, My NHL Draft

My NHL Draft complete 1st round picks for 2015 NHL mock draft.

Though the two sites disagree on some of the other teams’ picks, both Draft Utopia and My NHL Draft have the Avalanche selecting defenseman Zach Werenski with their #10 pick. Draft Utopia rationalizes the pick:

"“Colorado needs defense. Ivan Provorov is the higher ranked defenseman, but Colorado prefers Zach Werenski.”"

I’m not sure if the Avalanche prefer Werenski, but Beichler completed a profile on the U of Michigan defender as well. Beichler surmises Werenski is a lot better than current defensemen Nate Guenin and Nick Holden, but he’s not going to jump into the NHL right away.

At 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, Werenski is a little closer to the size and speed that coach Roy wants. However, coach Roy has also stated he doesn’t believe in selecting a defenseman too high in the draft because they take so long to develop. Coach Roy also doesn’t think the Avalanche defense is as far off as sports writers state.

Draft Site

The Draft Site’s 1st round selections for the 2015 NHL mock draft.

More from Avalanche News

Draft Site at least agrees with me that the Avalanche are likely to select a forward in the first round. Draft Site has the Avalanche selecting left wing Lawson Crouse.

MHS has not completed a draft profile on Crouse yet. Most other sites have the Kingston forward going higher. He’s got great size for a young forward — 6-foot-3, 189 pounds. The Hockey Writers state he’s a hard worker with a strong two-way game and the stride of the tall man he is.

Truthfully, Lawson Crouse sounds right up Patrick Roy’s alley. However, he’s slated to go anywhere from #3 to #11 in the 2015 NHL Draft. If he’s still available at #10, I could see the Avalanche selecting him, but that’s a big “if.”

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have completed their own first round draft.  In this mock draft, they select Dylan Strome with their own #4 pick. For the Avalanche, they choose center Pavel Zacha.

Zacha is a big, aggressive center who’s not afraid to hit. He also has a shoot first,  ask questions later mentality.  At 6-foot-3, 214 pounds he’s NHL size already.

Zacha would be an excellent choice for the Avs – if he’s still available.  Some sites have him going pretty high up in the draft. However,  I’m certain Avs management have at least given him a look.

I firmly believe the Colorado Avalanche will select a big forward with their first-round draft pick. There’s no way they’ll select a small, speedy defenseman — they already have a plethora of those. I also doubt they’ll select a small, speedy forward as they’re pretty set there, too.

Left wing Lawson Crouse is a definite possibility, if he’s still available. I could also see the Avalanche going for Timo Meier or Pavel Zacha. If they do consider a defenseman, they may look to Sweden where there’s a couple big boys coming up, Gabriel Carlsson (6-foot-4, 183 pounds) and Jacob Larsson (6-foot-2, 191 pounds).

What do you think, Avs Nation?

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