Colorado Avalanche Must Stop the Bleeding in Dallas

The Colorado Avalanche must win tonight’s game to stop their slide into losing. The Dallas game is a division rival match.

The Colorado Avalanche are bleeding. Ok, they’re not literally bleeding — and hopefully it stays that way throughout the game. However, their superstar start to the season is slowly bleeding out.

So, they’ve got to staunch that flow of blood, starting tonight. They should have gotten all the weirdness out of the way.  All of the “Oh, our star right wing is out with a freak injury. And, oh, now our star left wing and captain is out with a freak injury! And, oh, now our third-line wing is out with a freak injury!” And, oh, hopefully the salad shooter Jared Bednar is using to craft lines is also out with a freak injury.

Because tonight’s game is an important one. For one, they’re playing a Central Division rival, so the game is worth four points. For another, they’ve lost five of their last six games.

And for another, they need to have a game that shows they actually have accumulated more depth than in previous seasons.

Let’s look at some bandages for the current wound of the Avalanche’s play.

Intact Defensive Corps

Cross your fingers, the Colorado Avalanche’s crown jewel is still intact. Once their Achilles heel, the defensive corps is not an area of strength.

The Avs still have their two vets, Ian Cole and, especially, Erik Johnson, to lead the pack of youngsters comprised of Sam Girard, Ryan Graves, and, the crown jewel of jewels himself, Cale Makar.

Not only is this defensive corps capable of shutting down opponents, it’s modeled in the new style. You have puck-moving D, offensive D, and two-way D. And a shutdown guy or two. There is no reason for these guys to be showing any weakness, and they could, in fact, lead the team.

Goalie Tandem

During the losing streak, both goalies have let in soft goals. Every goalie is going to let in a soft goal or two — even Patrick “Brick Wall” Roy let in some softies.

However, the goalie tandem of Philipp Grubauer and Pavel Francouz have done enough every night to keep the Avs in the game. You can’t blame the recent slump in their play.

So, with that backbone of the team going strong, Colorado should be able to get back into the W column. They just have to, you know, score some goals on their own.

Nathan MacKinnon

Do you remember Game 7 of the second series when Nathan MacKinnon seemed to get injured in the first period? I was at the Watch Party, and every single person gasped and slumped. I’m sure every Avs fan across the world gasped and slumped.

The Avalanche bench gasped and slumped. Losing your superstar is a huge blow.

Well, guess what, Avs Nation, our superstar is alive and well, keep your fingers crossed. He’s full of piss and vinegar (as evidenced by his fiery temper) and as much magic as we’ve ever seen.

He can’t win games all by himself. However, he is a difference-maker in ever sense of the word. If Nate is on his game, the Avalanche should have a chance every single night.

How to Enjoy the Game

Game time: Nov. 5, 6:30 pm MT
TV: ALT, ESPN+ (Stars’ feed)
Radio: Altitude Radio (AM 950)

This is the second of two meetings between the two teams. Colorado lost at home 2-1.