Colorado Avalanche Radio Announcer Goes Crazy After Game-Winning Goal

Colorado Avalanche announcer Marc Moser goes crazy after Sven Andrighetto’s game-winning goal that staves off elimination and forces a Game 6.

The Colorado Avalanche won Game 5 in Nashville yesterday, and that was a beautiful moment. For those of us watching on Altitude TV, Sven Andrighetto’s goal was thrilling.

The national coverage of the goal is less emotional:

However, the announcers do a good job of building up the two-on-one. J.T. Compher takes the shot, and Predators goalie Pekka Rinne gives up the rebound — right to Andrighetto. Rinne is horribly out of place so he can stop the initial shot. How do they say it in basketball — Ghetto had nothing but net.

There were some impressive breakdowns on the Predators’ side, which you don’t usually see in the NHL’s best team, especially one renowned for its defense. My personal favorite is P.K. “I Like to Dive” Subban’s little foray behind the Avalanche’s net. That leaves just one defenseman, Ryan Ellis, back with the three forwards hauling ass to catch up.

Compher and Andrighetto are only middling for speed on the Avalanche, but only Scott Hartnell — making his series debut thanks to Ryan Hartman’s suspension — comes close to catching the pair. Unfortunately for the Preds, he and Ellis both dive at the same time to block the pass.

Instead, Compher shoots. Rinne gives up the rebound. Ellis is harmlessly at Compher’s feet, though Hartnell makes a valiant effort turn his slide into a block. As we know, he failed.

Subban shows up tardy to the party, just in time to watch the Avalanche’s celly.

There’s a creative take on the game that I find especially entertaining:

Watch how Ellis and Hartnell fall in time to the music. It’s like the ballet.

It was an exciting sequence. And it’s one that nearly sent Colorado Avalanche radio personality, Marc Moser, into conniptions. His voice breaks in the elongated. “Scoooooooooooore!” and neither he nor his voice ever quite get under control again as he screams various versions of Andrighetto’s name:

Sven-Ten could take.

Anyway, one of the things I love most about Moser is that he doesn’t even pretend to be an “objective” sportscaster. He’s a homer for the Avalanche. If he doesn’t genuinely love this team, he should go to Hollywood to make a career as an actor because he’d win an Academy Award.

As Moser continues to gush over the game-winning goal, he even comes up with some creative anatomy:

“This has got to be one of the gutsiest teams in the National Hockey League! Pure guts! They got nothin’ but guts! Every guy with three big ol’ cow hearts, two pancreases, and five stomachs! Guts all over the place!”

That’s a lot of guts.

He is, of course, referring to the fact that the Colorado Avalanche are serious underdogs in this series, coming in as the #17 team, the eighth seed playing against the Presidents’ Trophy winners without their starting or backup goalie or best defenseman. And rather than roll over and die like everyone expects, they leave their copious guts out on the ice.

This inception of the Avalanche is certainly all are heart — sure, even three big, ol’ cow hearts. They have made mistakes and floundered. After last year’s 48-point season, anything that wasn’t last place would have been an improvement. Anything north of, say, 65 points would have been successful.

Instead, they learned from their mistakes and shook off their floundering. And they gutted their way to a 95-point season and a playoff berth. And now they’ve beaten the Predators not once, but twice — once in Nashville.

Those are the lessons I’m hoping the young guys are taking from this playoff series. I’m hoping they’re learning how to compete and overcome adversity on the biggest hockey stage in the world. I desperately hope those are lessons they take into next season.

For now, though, I’m just delighted with the thrilling hockey they’re giving their fans.