Colorado Avalanche Center Matt Duchene Gets Married

DENVER, COLORADO - APRIL 01: Matt Duchene /

Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene has gotten married in the offseason.

On Saturday, July 8, popular Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene married his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Groissaint. They got married in Vail, Colorado.

Duchene proposed to Ashley on May 26, in Larimer Square in downtown Denver.  The occasion was captured by Drake & Co. Photography. (Check out the photos!) Now, according to the blog, Ms. Groissant was surprised. However, how on earth did Matt explain the presence of a professional photographer as they were heading to Tag Restaurant?

Anyway, while all the ridiculous trade rumors have been circulating, Duchene and Groissant had been planning a Vail wedding.

Naturally, the wedding itself was preceded by a bachelor party, and this one was all Matt Duchene style. And by that I mean there was country music — in this case by Dallas Smith:

Here’s Duchene getting up to sing with Dallas Smith, once again a very Dutchy thing to do:

The “bachelor party” took place at the Red Lion in Vail.

Here’s a nice picture of Duchene announcing that “today is the day:”

Presumably they didn’t take that photo day-of because, you know, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Here’s the official picture of Matt and Ashley’s wedding:

The wedding photos were apparently taken by Callie Hobbs Photography. Somehow they got Ashley to walk across dirt with her beautiful long dress. Nonetheless, the couple look very happy.

The two have been together a long time. Matt Duchene once told a story about living with veteran Adam Foote and bringing his new girlfriend over for the first time — Duchene lived with Foote from the age of 18 to 20. Matt’s now 26.


In any case, new beginnings can be a beautiful thing. I’m glad Matt Duchene has a new beginning with Ashley — and not with a team other than the Colorado Avalanche.