Top 5 Matt Duchene Goals from 2014-15

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Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene scores some pretty goals. He gets enough practice at it — in his six-year career he’s scored 126 goals. Most of his goals are just pretty, though.

Of course, a few years back Duchene became known for perfecting The Dutchy, a between the legs to-drag he inflicted on the Pittsburgh Penguins:

My personal favorite aspect of that goal is Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang‘s outraged reaction, like he’s angry Duchene pulled that off.

I like to think Duchene’s behind the net spin-o-rama is his real signature move. He’s effected it enough times. Here’s an example of his spin-o-rama burning the Carolina Hurricanes:

Ok, this could easily turn into a very long post with just highlights of Matt Duchene. Like I said, he scores pretty goals.

That said, Matt Duchene is known for his speed. That means that he so often goes on the breakaway. And with his stick handling skills, he scores a lot. You could easily make a highlight reel with nothing but Matt Duchene breakaway goals.

Last season we talked a lot about how the Avalanche were trying to get too cute in scoring goals, that they needed to just throw the puck at the net. Recently, I even wrote a post celebrating the team’s ugly goals. Believe it or not, Duchene actually made the list, though his “ugly goal” was actually poetic in that he banked it off former teammate Paul Stastny.

Matt Duchene tried hard last season, but he just didn’t score much in the way of ugly goals. So, let’s celebrate some of Duchene’s pretty goals from last season.

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