Colorado Avalanche: Top 6 Ugly Goals of 2014-15

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The Colorado Avalanche had difficulty scoring goals during the 2014-15 season, ending up with a -8 goal differential. This seemed like such a ridiculous situation for a team that was so offensively gifted. After all, who couldn’t close their eyes and dream of a Matt Duchene breakaway ending in a dangle and a slick wrister? Especially considering all the best scorers on the team were capable of similarly pretty plays?

Eventually we saw that that was exactly the problem — the Avalanche skill players were so busy trying to make the pretty plays that they didn’t always focus on just banging the puck in. Yet at the end of the day, ugly goals count for just the same as pretty ones.

So, in celebration of that fact, let’s look at the top ugly goals from last season. Because ultimately, all Avalanche goals are pretty.