Colorado Avalanche: Patrick Roy to Buy Ownership in Team

Sep 8, 2016; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; Former hockey player Patrick Roy waves to the crowd before the official face-off of Team Europe against Team North America during a World Cup of Hockey pre-tournament game at Videotron Centre. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 8, 2016; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; Former hockey player Patrick Roy waves to the crowd before the official face-off of Team Europe against Team North America during a World Cup of Hockey pre-tournament game at Videotron Centre. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports /

Colorado Avalanche Hall of Famer, Patrick Roy, is reported to be buying an ownership stake in the team.

Colorado Avalanche great Patrick Roy is taking the next step in his hockey career. He’s going to buy ownership stakes in an NHL team, specifically the Avs.

The news came via a press release from Roy’s hometown of Quebec. In the release Patrick announced that he had been in negotiations with Kroenke Sports Entertainment for most of the calendar year — every since GM Joe Sakic announced in an interview that the team wasn’t making the playoffs this season.

Roy’s press release reminded us that he’d carried out his duties as coach and VP of Hockey Ops with “energy, passion and determination.”

The release adds:

"“I am grateful to the Colorado Avalanche organization… for letting me lead this great team.”"

The release also points out that he’d played 478 games and coached another 253. “This gives me good vision for the team as a part owner.”

Patrick Roy’s Stake

There is no confirmation on how big Patrick Roy’s stake in the Colorado Avalanche ownership structure is going to be. At the time of writing, no terms had been released. However, it’s clear by Roy’s own words that he’s only part owner, and that the Kroenkes are still at least part owners as well.

Josh Kroenke, son of owner Stan Kroenke, has been acting as president and governor of the team. He wasn’t immediately available for comment, and he’s still listed thus on the website. Concerning Roy’s ownership stake, his father made an offhand “it’s good” comment in between remarks about his LA Rams.

Patrick Roy is no stranger to owning a hockey club. He bought the Quebec Remparts in 2005. He acted as GM and head coach as well, leading them to Memorial Cup victory in 2006.

It’s unlikely Roy is going to be able to wear all those hats for an NHL team. However, his ownership stake in the Colorado Avalanche club ensures his vision for the team will be followed. Indeed, he reiterated an old quote that is sure to become a mantra for the Avs:

"“I’m going to bring a Stanley Cup attitude back to Colorado.”"

Staff Reaction to the News

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Naturally, the Colorado Avalanche staff is certain to be greatly impacted by Patrick Roy’s new ownership stake.

Current GM Joe Sakic, who won two Stanley Cups with Roy in eight years of play, seemed somewhat ambivalent. Patrick’s stated reason for leaving the team last summer is that he didn’t feel his vision for the team aligned with that of the organization’s. Indeed, Sakic’s moves since Roy resigned have shown a 90-degree turn.

Old Quoteless Joe didn’t remark on whether he thought he’d still be the general manager under the new ownership structure. All he said was “For right now we’re going to focus on the players playing hockey the right way.”

Assistant GM Craig Billington, who once served as Patrick Roy’s backup goalie, remarked that he thought he’d work quite well in Roy’s shadow.

The other assistant GM, Chris McFarland, has no history with Patrick Roy or even any NHL experience. Indeed, I’ve long opined that I think he’s a large part of what turned Sakic away from Roy’s vision, and thus caused Patrick to resign.

It’s clear McFarland is feeling the heat and wants to back pedal:

"“Patrick Roy was the greatest goalie ever, period. He’s deservedly in the Hall of Fame. He was a big idol of mine when I was growing up in New York. I wanted to be a goalie like him, but I just couldn’t cut it. I am so excited that he’s going to be taking over some of the team operations as owner. I can’t wait to do my part to implement whatever vision he thinks is best for the Colorado Avalanche.”"

Well, I’m certainly not going to find fault with his gushing.

Hockey Writers About Patrick Roy News

Some hockey insiders are shocked by the news. Puck Daddy writer Greg Wyshynski reportedly went on a rant that included “Just who does he think he is? Former NHL players don’t buy into NHL teams! He was barely able to coach in the NHL!”

Well, a Jack Adams award would suggest otherwise, but Wyshynski has never been a fan of Patrick Roy’s.

A man who, as a journalist, isn’t allowed to be a fan, still gushed. Longtime Avalanche insider Adrian Dater had the following to say:

"“The Colorado Avalanche will be a better team with Patrick Roy taking a firmer hand on the reins. The collapse at the end of last season wasn’t Roy’s fault — none of it was. He shouldn’t have been forced out by the current administration. He will be as big a boon to this hockey club as he was as a player, when he brought the Stanley Cup to Colorado.”"

Elliotte Friedman of Sports Net was a little more even keel about the news. “Heard Roy is joining the Avs again.”

Well, Friedman is the prototypcial news-only journalist.

Longtime Minnesota Wild beat writer, Michael Russo, just shuddered when he heard the news. He lost a nose-to-nose matchup with Roy when Patrick was still a coach and called Russo “garbage” for suggesting players should go after Cody McLeod.  Michael probably isn’t looking forward to Roy taking a new position of power with the Colorado Avalanche.

As for my reaction to the news? Well, if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written about Patrick Roy, you’ll know he’s my idol.

Hopefully it’s taken you to this moment to remember what today’s date is — April 1 — and realize this is just an April Fools’ joke. It’s just wishful thinking on my part, for sure.

For fun, let’s have a little throwback remembrance to my previous April Fools posts:

Truthfully, we all know Patrick Roy is certain to have a huge stake in the expansion Quebec team — or perhaps relocated team. (Arizona Coyotes become the new Quebec Nordiques?) Just remember: Roy could have been GM of the Colorado Avalanche.

For all we know, he could have become part owner as well.