The Best Moments In Colorado Avalanche History

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Twenty years of Colorado Avalanche history is exciting, especially with the events on the docket this year, and the introduction of new third jerseys. For the record, those are really nice looking sweaters, but that’s a different poll, yeah? Anyway, it’s always interesting to get the fan’s perspective, so your contributions are appreciated.

Inevitably, I would not have chosen many of these options for my top-two choices in each category, but that’s the glory of opinion, we’re all subject to our own. Thus, we received many different options for the ultimate list of 5 next week, and it will be intriguing to see what makes next week’s list.

As always though, it’s intriguing to hear the fan’s opinion. Sure, we got some good contribution in the polls, but I’m certain that some of your memorable experiences weren’t listed on the polls.

Mile High Sticking would love to hear what your favorite moments are! If your moments aren’t listed, let us know what your nostalgic glance back to the past years with the Colorado Avalanche looks like. That’s what the comment section is for!

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