Top 5 Avalanche Goalie Moments from 2014-15

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 #4. Reto Berra Scores a Goal

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If this event had happened in an Avalanche game, it would be in the #1 spot. Maybe it seems like this moment shouldn’t be in an Avs list at all since it happened with the Lake Erie Monsters. However, Reto Berra is an Avalanche goalie first, so let’s celebrate this moment with him.

And what a moment! Berra, whom so many doubt, got sent down to the AHL Lake Erie Monsters for “conditioning,” but everyone was pretty sure it was because coach Roy lost his faith in the backup net minder. Well, Berra turned lemons into historical lemonade by accomplishing one of the rarest occurrences — a goal by a goalie.

The Monsters were up 3-1 over the Chicago Wolves, and the puck came straight to Berra on a dump-in. Berra settled the puck then used his big goalie paddle to shoot the puck down the ice. He aimed, and he hit his mark — the Wolves’ net!

The best part of all this is how Berra celebrates just like any other goal-scorer: