Borna Rendulic: Avalanche Star of the Week


Last summer the Colorado Avalanche signed right wing Borna Rendulic as a free agent. Rendulic is renowned for being the first-ever Croatian born, Croatian trained player to play in the NHL. Rendulic played in 11 games after injuries started depleting the Avalanche roster until he himself fell to an injury, breaking his leg in a game against the Florida Panthers.

Every Sunday during the post and off season we’re going to take a look at different Colorado Avalanche players and the contributions they made to the team. So, let’s have a look at Borna Rendulic.

Borna Rendulic Statistics

Avalanche right wing Borna Rendulic spent time in the bottom six. He didn’t get a lot of ice time per game, averaging just 9.36 minutes. However, he made his limited time count.

Borna Rendulic is a big player at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. He used some of that size to make his presence felt on the ice. In just 11 games, he recorded 22 hits, or 12.8 hits per 60 minutes. That’s a lot of hitting, especially from a European trained player. Rendulic also blocked three shots, or 1.7 shots per 60.

The big winger earned two points this season, a goal and an assist. Somehow he only recorded six shots on net, putting his shooting percentage at 16.7%  Rendulic as also really good in the turnover department at +4.

Borna Rendulic’s statistics from Sporting Charts:

Colorado Avalanche right wing Borna Rendulic’s statistics from the 2014-15 season. Photo credit: Sporting Charts

Borna Rendulic Role

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It was understood even as Borna Rendulic came to prospect camp last summer and attended training camp that he would have to spend time in the AHL. As a European-trained player, he had to learn the North American style. In 28 games with the Lake Erie Monsters, Rendulic earned four goals and four assists.

As the injuries started piling on for the Colorado Avalanche in December, Rendulic got the call to join the team. He played his first game on December 9, 2014, against the Nashville Predators.

Rendulic made the most of his chance, showing off the blend of skill and grit from his dual training. He earned his first NHL goal in his fourth-ever game, the New Year’s Eve game against the Philadelphia Flyers:

Unfortunately, in the January 15, 2015, game against Florida, Rendulic fell awkwardly into the boards. His leg was broken, ending his season.

Borna Rendulic Future

Borna Rendulic signed a two-year contract with the Colorado Avalanche, so he still has one more year.

It’s likely the 2015-16 season will start similarly for Rendulic. He will likely attend training camp with the Avalanche and play preseason games. A lot depends on how he looks in those games, if head coach Patrick Roy sees the speed and grit he wants for his team, not to mention defense and work ethic. There’s a lot of players competing for those bottom six forward positions.

Rendulic will probably become acquainted with San Antonio, Texas, as the Avalanche’s new AHL affiliate is now the Rampage. It’s hard to say I hope he gets another chance with the Avalanche as that denotes an injury to one of the regulars.However, it would be nice to see Rendulic get another crack at the NHL.

I think Borna Rendulic’s role with the team is largely going to depend on what coach Roy sees in training camp. He’s to hoping Rendulic is training like a mad fiend after recovering from his injury.

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