Avalanche Friday Fun: Playing the (St. Louis) Blues

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Strangely you’d think playing a team called the St. Louis Blues would be, well, depressing. However, when the Colorado Avalanche play their Central Division rival St. Louis Blues, some funny images arise. Don’t get me wrong — animosity and blood sometimes occur between the two teams. (There was also that time Blues fans exchanged punches with each other in a December game in Pepsi Center.)

Maybe the hilarity between the two teams has something to do with the fact that the Blues and Avalanche keep exchanging players. (Kevin Shattenkirk for Erik Johnson, Paul Stastny for… well, nothing.)

In honor of the St. Louis Blues choking in the playoffs yet again, let’s look at some light-hearted images from games between them and the Colorado Avalanche. And, just for the fun of it, let’s attach some music lyrics to the action.