When do the NHL Playoffs start?

Seattle Kraken v Colorado Avalanche - Game Seven
Seattle Kraken v Colorado Avalanche - Game Seven / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The NHL Playoffs will be here in no time and while there appear to be some teams that are guaranteed a spot based on projections, some other teams will end up fighting their way to the very end and find out late in the season whether they make the postseason or not. Take the Colorado Avalanche for example.

Colorado has done fairly decent this season, as they continue to go back and forth between the first seed in the Western Conference Central Division. As of this writing, they are tied in points in the division with the Dallas Stars (68), but rank second in the division (tiebreakers and all that kind of stuff).

The Avalanche have 30 games remaining on their regular season schedule to continue fighting for that top spot in the division.

That brings up another topic: When do the 2023-24 NHL Playoffs begin?

That day is Monday, April 22nd, just over 70 days away.

Honestly, I’ve felt that the Colorado Avalanche have been very spotty at times. Sometimes, I feel as if they aren’t quite a deep playoff team. They are just way too inconsistent. Other times, they end up proving me wrong for a stretch of games. As of late, They just need to pull things together, make a trade deadline move or two, and move forward. It’s not fun watching them have games slip through their fingers.

The good thing, however, is that they do remain near the top of the division and they aren’t going away. Shooting themselves in the foot seems to be a theme lately, but they should be able to get back on track at some point before it is too late.

Maybe they’ll end up bringing in another backup goaltender to help make a deep playoff push. A lot will transpire from now until April 22nd. Right now, they control their destiny. The Colorado Avalanche will need to show the world that they are worthy of a spot In the 2024 NHL Playoffs.