Colorado Avalanche Draft Profile: Improving Jack Quinn

The Colorado Avalanche could potentially have a shot at winger Jack Quinn if enough teams take a pass on him.

As we do these draft profiles, we start getting into the territory of players the Colorado Avalanche could potentially draft whenever the 20202 NHL Draft takes place. Jack Quinn is unlikely to drop to the late 20s, where Colorado will draft, but it’s not unheard of.

Every season you see players inexplicably fall down the draft board. It usually happens after the top-10 pick where there are no more clear “best available” players. At that point, teams start guessing who might have the highest ceiling.

However, you also see teams start picking players whose skills best match their playing style. So, you could see a player ranked to go in the mid-10 — 10 through 20 — fall into the 20s.

Right wing Jack Quinn could turn out to be that kind of player. He’s rated to go between #10 to #23 even though he’s ranked #7 by Central Scouting.

He’s an improving player without a ton of flash. The 5-foot-11, 176-pound right wing is just barely young enough to be draft eligible for the first time this year — he’ll turn 19 on September 19.

Jack Quinn Stats

Jack Quinn has played the last three seasons with the Ottawa 67’s of the OHL, though he spent most of the 2017-18 season in the CCHL. In all he’s played 131 games for the 67’s. In that time, he’s recorded 64 goals and 58 assists for 122 points.

The lion’s share of that scoring came in the last season, even though it was truncated by the pandemic. In 62 games this last season, he scored an impressive 52 goals and rounded it out with 37 assists for 89 points.

Much of that improved success comes from his improvement in skating. It also didn’t hurt that he skated with fellow prospect Marco Rossi.

Jack Quinn Highlights

As noted, Quinn is a mid-first rounder. Bill Placzek of DraftSite considers him a “dark horse” who clawed his way into that part of the conversation. According to Placzek, Quinn’s “aggressive nature on the attack with his ablity to get open and finish his chances” is what brought him into that part of the conversation.

Placzek continues:

“A top powerplay unit weapon with his big one timer. Displays good speed but so far doesn’t drive the play as much as you would like to see. Scores from any areas he sneaks into, in or out side the circles.”

You like to see that a prospect can score from anywhere.

Benn Kerr of Last Word on Hockey offers a lot of insight into Quinn. He’s the one that remarked on how much Quinn’s skating has improved, making him faster with better acceleration. He also sees Quinn as a “sniper who can score in a variety of ways.”

According to Kerr, Quinn has become more of a “complete player.” Here’s how he evaluates the winger:

“With his improved stickhandling and skating ability, Quinn has become much better at maintaining possession and working the puck in the cycle game. He shows high-end hockey IQ as he often makes the smart pass with the puck on his stick.”

Kerr compares Jack Quinn to Mark Stone in terms of style.

Here’s Jack Quinn in action:

The prospect does seem to have a nose for the front of the net.

Colorado Avalanche and Jack Quinn

You never know with a player like Jack Quinn. He’s got that “black mark” on his resume about needing to improve his skating. He did that, but you never know if teams might shy away from a player for a reason like that.

Could he drop all the way to the low 20s, where the Avalanche are going to pick? Stranger things have happened. Will Colorado select Quinn if he does fall?

Obviously, the Avs will select him if he drops and they think he’s the best available. I think he does have some skills, and he could certainly polish up to be a decent depth forward down the line.

The latest news is the NHL Draft may be taking place after a possibly resumed season after all.  So, the Colorado Avalanche have time to make their draft boards.

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