Colorado Avalanche: Tyson Jost and Cale Makar on BarDown

Colorado Avalanche players Tyson Jost and Cale Makar went onto Instagram Live with Luca Celebre from BarDown. They gave some illustrative comments.

The Colorado Avalanche are observing their hockey hiatus just like all the other teams. However, two Avalanche players, Tyson Jost and Cale Makar, granted interviews for BarDown on Instagram Live. As I lamented in a previous post, these videos are only available for a short time. So, I can’t direct you to the video unless BarDown puts it up on YouTube the way the Avs social did.

Anyway, one thing I like about these interviews is the players let their guards down a little. When they’re granting interviews while still with the team, they’re very careful to give proper answers. During these types of interviews, though, the players drop a lot of their filters.

For example, Tyson Jost mentioned being appreciative of old Chicago Blackhawks jerseys. We’ll let that little bit of profanity slip for the time being.

(He also called Erik Johnson and Nikita Zadorov “absolute meat sticks.”)

The topic of the interview was for the players to talk about jerseys — hence the Hawks comment. However, they did share what they’re both up to. Both Jost and Makar mentioned playing video games. Makar is a “big movie guy.”

Jost and Makar are also spending time with their families while in quarantine. Jost joked that he was driving his mom crazy. “I think she’s going to kill me soon.”

Of course, they’re both getting in some workouts at home. Well, we did see that Jost was on a neighborhood rink — he assured viewers no one else was there, so he maintained social distancing. Jost has been working on his abs while Makar has just been doing general workouts.

One of the fun aspects of the video is that you can send comments across the screen that the people on Live can see. Makar’s commentary was pretty vanilla. Jost, on the other hand, got roasted by teammates. Sam Girard, Andre Burakovsky (who must have been up in the wee hours since he’s in Sweden) and our captain Gabriel Landeskog all took turns poking fun at Jost.

His hair was a popular topic of conversation. Landeskog kept chirping Tyson so hard, though, that he jokingly asked moderators to block him.

Ok, and now on to the jerseys. Besides Jost’s profane revelation about the Hawks jerseys, he and Makar both admitted that they didn’t like the Stadium Series jerseys at first. Makar was pretty diplomatic, stating he had just hoped they would look good as a full ensemble and that they lived up to that hope.

Jost flat out said he thought they looked “brutal” at first. He added he thought, “Whoever did this is not looking too hot right now.”

See, I told you — they let their guards down. (Now, he did say they looked “super cool” on the ice.)

Other than that, both agreed that the Quebec Nordiques jersey is cool and that the current third is the best Colorado Avalanche jersey.

A couple other tidbits. Makar was supposed to be a surprise guest but, in typical Josty fashion, Tyson gave up the secret during his own interview. He wanted to be able to chirp Makar for owning the alternate Calgary Flames jersey from the late 1990s, which later became their road jerseys. It featured a flaming horse head:

Full confession: I own that jersey. I bought it when Rene Corbet got traded to the Flames. I think it’s cool looking. Jost does not. Makar still does. He says it’s still one of his favorite jerseys.

The other tidbit is that Makar actually said something a little bit mean. He expressed dislike! He said he didn’t think the Nashville Predators jersey looked good because of all that yellow. And he’s not a big fan of the New York Islanders fisherman jersey.

colorado avalanche

LANDOVER, MD – JANUARY 27: Ken Belanger #33 of the New York Islanders looks on during warm-ups of a hockey game against the Washington Capitals on January 27, 1995 at the USAir Arena in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

I’m meh about that one.

Oh, and Tyson Jost hates the Blues. He thinks the St. Louis team is the Colorado Avalanche’s current rival because of the big games they’ve played against each other in recent years.

I could get behind an Avs-Blues rivalry.

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Thanks to Luca Celebre of BarDown for setting up this Instagram Live interview. I hope Cale Makar hooks you up with the Avs third that he semi-promised.

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