Colorado Avalanche and all NHL Fans Underwhelmed by All Star Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 29: Nathan MacKinnon
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 29: Nathan MacKinnon /

Colorado Avalanche fans along with the entire NHL fandom are disappointed with the league’s choice in All Star Game entertainment.

The Colorado Avalanche are sending one representative the the NHL All Star Team this year, center Nathan MacKinnon. Each team has at least one player representing.

Even the prospect of seeing their players on a lineup with superstars might not be enough for some hockey fans to actually watch the All Star Game this year, at least not from start to finish. The NHL announced its headlining entertainment today, and the headliner left many fans seriously underwhelmed:

Many fans feel Kid Rock’s best days are behind him — well behind him. He really hasn’t been relevant on the music scene since 2009, when he won awards such as the People’s Choice, Echo, and CMT Awards as well as a Grammy.

Here are some of the tweets in response to the news in that vein:

If you follow through the thread, you’ll see quite a few “Don’t want it” gifs as well as many vomit gifs.

This one was especially hockey relevant:

One clever Tweeter posed an alternative entertainment act:

To be honest, I’d pay to see that one.

Many of the respondents on Twitter as well as Facebook remarked that the inclusion of Kid Rock as the “headlining” entertainment meant they wouldn’t be watching the All Star Game.

Not everyone who responded did so because they feel Kid Rock is washed up. Kid Rock has had political aspirations, alluding that he might run for senate with his domain, literally He’s also aligned himself with the Trump administration:

Some people cited that as their reason for being dismayed at the NHL’s choice, especially so fast on the heels of Trump calling African nations “shithole [or possibly shithouse] countries”:

Actually, you can go down a pretty good rabbit hole if your search for “Kid Rock, NHL on Twitter.” People didn’t spare themselves in reacting with full snark.

Personally, I’m not a fan of signing Kid Rock as the headlining entertainment for the All Star Game. He is not a current artist — this isn’t a Metallica situation, who’ve been rocking for 35 years. Kid Rock rocks in name only.

Plus, NHLers pride themselves on being as bland as a potato pudding. These are players in a league that won’t say anything bad about the weather (except San Jose Sharks players about Winnipeg — and they got fallout for that.) So such a controversial choice for the “headlining” entertainment really doesn’t seem to follow the NHL culture.

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Kid Rock will perform during the second intermission. The All Star Weekend is taking place in Tampa Bay this year at Amalie Arena on January 27 and 28.