Colorado Avalanche: Ranking the Best Goalie Masks in Avalanche History

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Man of Many Masks

The above mask is the mask that Peter Budaj started with in 2005 with the Colorado Avalanche. It’s pretty generic, but the color scheme is nice, and he sports the yeti and mountains.

Here’s the left side of the mask:

I like it because the yeti is hidden in the snow — you can barely see the eyes. And it’s almost like he uses the hole in the mask where his ears are as the mouth of the yeti.

The right side of the mask is the same as the left. He started off generic, but quickly moved into more creativity.

Peter Budaj’s Mask During 2006-07 Season

Most Colorado goalies have consistently used some form of yeti design on their masks. Peter Budaj is no different.

Here’s a closer look at the yeti:

It looks pretty savage. However, the reason this mask is so awesome is because of the back of the mask:

Yep, that’s Ned Flanders — who usually looks like this — jacked and holding Budaj’s home flag from Slovakia. In fact, Ned Flanders became a staple of the masks Budaj wore.

Peter Budaj’s Mask During 2008-09 Season

Here’s what the mask looks like from the front:

And the side:

It’s a little hard to see, but it’s tough to find the right pictures. Anyway, here’s the other mask he was known for during that season:

It looks like he has The Hulk (in red) busting through some stone walls. I’m not sure the significance of that, but here’s the other side of the mask with The Hulk again:

Peter Budaj was definitely creative with his masks. And, he also liked to switch them up a lot. That was two masks during the same season. And, he had some more masks during the 2009-10 campaigns and 2010-11 campaigns with Colorado.

Peter Budaj’s Mask During 2009-10 Season

On one side of the mask (the left side) Budaj sported the yeti foot in many different locations, and that’s about it. However, on the right side, he got a little creative:

Let me be clear, I have no idea who that is on the mask, but he looks like Siegfried from Siegfried and Roy. Or maybe he looks like Roy. Either way, he does not look like he belongs on a goalie mask. Regardless, you have to commend Budaj for his creativity. The checkered flag is a nice add, and so is the motorcycle.

Anyway, it’s the last mask that he wore for the Avalanche that puts him this high on the list.

Peter Budaj’s Mask From 2010-11 Season

How could you not like that happy yeti at the top of the mask? Each side of the mask also sports the yeti foot in all of it’s glory too.

Left side:

And, the right side:

Once again, it’s tough to tell what’s going on in the picture. However, it’s essentially the same thing on the other side, just with a red background.

And once again, Ned Flanders ladies and gentlemen:

Peter Budaj gets recognized this high on the list for the shear number of masks he wore, and the creativity he utilized in each. However, now it’s time for the final two goalies on this list, who are far and away the leaders.