Colorado Avalanche: Ranking the Best Goalie Masks in Avalanche History

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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Third Overall

Anderson is third on the list with the mask above. I love how the yeti has a mask of his own, and I also love that there is just so much going on with the mask itself. You’re welcome to go back a few slides for more pictures of the mask.

Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche /

Second Overall

Calvin Pickard comes in second on the list with his awesome tribute mask. He also adds in some nice flare with the poetic script for his nameplate, and the yeti. The gigantic logo is a nice addition as well. But there is a reason he pays tribute to No. 33 on his helmet.

First Overall

This mask is the GMOAT (Greatest Mask of All Time) for a reason. Patrick Roy brought the first major championship to Denver in 1996 — while wearing that mask — and other Denver teams followed suit afterward.

And, as mentioned it’s just a gorgeous mask. Nice and simple, yet elegant.

Finally, I have a couple honorable mentions (remember: solely based off design for these).

Semyon Varlamov’s 20th Anniversary Season Mask

I love this mask, and it almost made it into the top three. If it weren’t for Craig Anderson’s yeti sporting a goalie mask if its own, then it would have made it into the top three. The snowmen all around the mask are awesome, and the cursive script for his name is also amazing.

And, now for one goalie some might not have expected to make the honorable mention list (although he doesn’t match the criteria listed in the first slide).

The Back of Jeremy Smith’s Mask

Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche /

It’s technically not the full mask, but I like the design of the back so much that it had to receive an honorable mention.

That is one scary looking yeti, and I also love the design around it. It looks kind of cosmic, and like the wispy snow.

Anyway, thanks for joining me on this long journey. I can guarantee you that it look me much longer to construct this post than it took you to read it.

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The Avs have had quite a few goalie masks in their franchise history, and now there’s a place where the best of the best are detailed — forever.

There are likely to be new ones next season, but that’s part of the fun of being a goalie in the NHL.