Colorado Avalanche: Price for Matt Duchene Soars in Wake of Martin Hanzal Trade


Teams have balked at the price the Colorado Avalanche are asking for in any Matt Duchene trade. However, after the king’s ransom the Arizona Coyotes just received for Martin Hanzal, is it really that ridiculous?

The Colorado Avalanche have made no bones about having Matt Duchene on the trade block or the outrageous return they want for him, and after a trade involving Martin Hanzal, the Avs really aren’t out of line.

Maybe Matt Duchene’s trade price hasn’t soared any higher after the trade, but if the Coyotes can get the return they did for Hanzal, the Avs should be demanding their outrageous price.

Granted, the Minnesota Wild can afford to make that trade at this moment because of their current spot in the standings.

They also have a plethora of talent emerging in their prospect ranks, which makes the draft picks they gave up a little less valuable — to them at least.

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Said return is detailed below:

And what are the terms of the conditional pick you ask?

Apparently, Hanzal also has to play in 50 percent of the Wild’s playoff games for those terms to take place.

Now, people have obviously taken to Twitter in a riot over that astronomical price for Hanzal. And, many of the Twitterites are detailing what it will take for team’s to acquire Duchene now.

All kidding aside, this trade for Hanzal is absolutely ridiculous, especially because the Wild are probably going to win two playoff rounds this summer.

He’s a third line center, and he is by no means as talented as Matt Duchene. Yet, he was able to garner enough attention to earn the Coyotes a first round pick and likely two second round picks?

So, what is the price for Matt Duchene now?

Matt Duchene Price Makes Sense, and Might Increase

Once again, the price for Matt Duchene probably won’t increase because Joe Sakic is definitely asking for a lot. However, the price he is asking for certainly seems to make much more sense now. And, it’s not entirely out of the question for Sakic to ask for more in the wake of this Hanzal trade.

Nonetheless, the teams that would be trading for Matt Duchene aren’t likely to have the same luxury the Wild had. In other words, many of them are also rebuilding, and are unwilling to give up the future for Duchy.

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Now, a team like the Ottawa Senators certainly makes sense for both sides because they have the cap space. Unfortunately, they seem to be unwilling to part with Thomas Chabot.

Honestly, can you blame them? Chabot is going to be a very good defenseman in this league for a long time.

Fortunately, Sakic can afford to wait until the summer, and he probably will. But, if a team is willing to overpay for Duchene the way the Wild overpaid for Hanzal, then Sakic needs to pull the trigger.


Duchene certainly doesn’t seem to be opposed to a trade, or at least he seems pretty noncommittal either way.

As he said in a recent interview with BSN Denver’s Adrian Dater, he does want to stay, but he also wants to win:

"Yeah, I mean, I…uh…I want to win. Whatever it takes for that to happen, that’s what I want. That’s my answer I guess."

That’s a pretty mixed response folks, and it certainly seems like Duchene might be starting to falter on his commitment to the Colorado Avalanche.

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The trade deadline is only two days away at this point, and there are a lot of deals starting to take place. So far it’s quiet on the Colorado Avalanche front, but don’t expect it to stay that way.

We’ll soon find out who’s staying and who’s leaving, for now at least. Stay tuned.