Colorado Avalanche Overvaluing Players Ahead of Deadline

Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

The Colorado Avalanche continue to look and make deals that will solidify their future, but they may be overvaluing their players along the way.

In all truth, there is nothing wrong with the Colorado Avalanche ensuring that they get the best possible return on players like Matt Duchene and Gabe Landeskog.

However, if they’re overvaluing players like Jarome Iginla, Blake Comeau, John Mitchell and Fedor Tyutin ahead of the deadline, then there is definitely an issue with that.

You just have to wonder why the Avs haven’t made a deal surrounding one of their rental players yet. Is their asking price for any of them just too high for teams to consider?

Or, are they waiting until right up next to deadline to make a move? It’s more likely that teams just aren’t interested in acquiring the depth contracts the Avs have. Still, there has to be some teams out there who are willing to make a deal if the price is right.

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So, that begs the question, what is the right price for any of the players listed above? How much can the Avs theoretically ask for Jarome Iginla, Fedor Tyutin, John Mitchell and Blake Comeau?

Jarome Iginla’s Feasible Return via Trade

Trading away a player of Iginla’s pedigree before the deadline should be an absolute priority for the Colorado Avalanche. He’s likely in his final year in the league, and he still hasn’t won a Stanley Cup. Out of respect to the player, the Avs need to find a way to get him on a contending team.

I’ve already detailed the likely contenders in another post, so for more on that check below:

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However, what sort of return would the Avs be looking at if they dealt Iggy? It obviously depends on the team, but I’d be surprised if there are any teams out there willing to give up more than a third round pick for Iginla right now. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were willing to go beyond the fourth round.

It’s obvious that Iginla’s on his last legs and his production is certainly way down this season. If he were having a better year, then the Avs would have more luck moving him.

However, everyone on the Avs is having a down year for production because the team can’t score. It’s plausible that Iginla — if moved — would have much better production.

At this point, the Avs just need to find a way to get him on a contender, and if it takes them settling for a third round pick, then so be it. The bar cannot be a second round pick for Iginla, as it could have been last year.

Moving on.

What Kind of Return Can the Avs Get for Fedor Tyutin?

Tyutin isn’t the most flashy defenseman, and his best days are definitely behind him, but he offers a lot of stability on a bottom pairing.

He’s also relatively cheap at just 2 million, and would be a rental for a team that can’t afford to hold onto him next season. The Avs can definitely demand a bit more for Tyutin, but not much more.

The asking price is likely a third round pick and a low-level prospect, but even that might be pushing it. However, if the asking price is reportedly a first round pick and a prospect for Martin Hanzal of the Arizona Coyotes, it’s not inconceivable for the Avs to demand two pieces for Tyutin.

I think it’s unlikely for the Avs to get a second round pick out of the deal, but you never know.

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It’s more likely the Avs are stuck with just a third round pick for Tyutin, especially since Michael Stone — a much better defenseman — was just traded for the same, and the Coyotes also retained 50 percent of his salary. Nonetheless, the Coyotes probably could have gotten more if they had waited on trading Stone.

The point is, the Avs are not going to get much for their veterans. If they are asking for too much for their services, then the deadline is likely to be quiet for the Avs.

Next on the list.

John Mitchell Likely to go to Free Agency

The Avs are not going to be able to deal John Mitchell. If no teams were willing to pick him up off waivers for free, then no teams are going to give up assets to acquire him.

And, I’d honestly be surprised if any teams wanted to sign him in free agency. It’s more likely that John Mitchell gets offered a pro-tryout contract at the end of the summer.

However, the Colorado Avalanche could certainly consider including him in a deal in order to increase the return just a bit. That is probably the only way Mitchy gets moved at the deadline.

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There just isn’t a market for a player that goes unclaimed on waivers. He’s only mentioned because he is definitely one of the players who is expendable on the Avs roster.

Time for the final player on this list.

What Kind of Return Can the Avs Get for Blake Comeau?

Blake Comeau has been traded in the past, when he was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fifth round draft pick. However, he is likely to fetch a better return this time around, if the Avs do end up trading him.

He has one year left on his deal after this season, and it’s for a reasonable 2.4 million. Nonetheless, there are teams that would be unwilling to pick up that cap hit.

Still, there should be a market for Comeau’s services, particularly for playoff bound teams that need some depth and versatility in their bottom six.

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The Avs are likely looking at a third round draft pick at best though. Third rounders are generally able to develop into bottom six players though, so that wouldn’t be a bad return for Comeau.

Unfortunately, the Avs may be looking for a little more out of a trade involving Comeau. They won’t get anymore than a third round draft pick though, and even that might be a price too high.


The Colorado Avalanche have yet to make a move, and that could be disconcerting. However, there are a lot of factors that could be playing a role. For instance, it may just be that other teams are holding out on buying until the moments before the deadline.

More teams are starting to realize that they are not going to make the playoffs though, so deals could be coming soon. Sellers know their position, and they know teams will call them. However, if the Avs are demanding too much then teams are going to stop calling.

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Obviously the asking price is too high for Duchene and Landeskog, but it should be. Hopefully the Avs are not overvaluing their veterans though. I guess we’ll find out when the deadline hits and we get to analyze the type of moves the Avs made.

Hopefully they do make some moves before the deadline though because salary needs to be shed, and draft picks need to be acquired. That’s how rebuilds begin.

What’s on Tap:

The Colorado Avalanche play the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night in their final game before the deadline. The game is in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center at 5:00 pm MST. Their next game — on Thursday March 2 at the Ottawa Senators — may see the team with different faces.

Stay tuned folks, the ride is going to get bumpy ahead of the deadline.