Colorado Avalanche Need to Sign Andreas Martinsen At Conclusion of Season

Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

The Colorado Avalanche have a number of contracts expiring at the conclusion of the season, but Martinsen’s contract needs to be renewed.

Andreas Martinsen of the Colorado Avalanche is not the most glamorous player, or the most skilled. However, he’s the type of player that the Avs need to re-sign because of what he brings to the team.

Martinsen never dazzles, he rarely makes a game changing play, and he’s been known to be inconsistent, but he could be an invaluable addition to the bottom six.

You see, Martinsen hits, and he hits hard. He is also very adamant about standing up for his teammates. He doesn’t let any sort of “dirty” play slide without at least a minor altercation.

Furthermore, Marty has the ability to move up and down the lineup in times of injury. He forechecks hard, and is able to create space no matter what line he is playing on.

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Unfortunately, his offensive production is not at the highest output. Nonetheless, said production is high enough to be a part of the bottom line. He just received a prove it contract last summer, and now it’s time to give him a bottom six contract.

What Kind of Contract Can Marty Expect?

Figuring out the type of contract that a player like Andreas Martinsen deserves can be difficult. He doesn’t bring much offensively, but he can press the play, and intimidate opponents with his physical game.

As long as he is playing with high intensity, his effort is there, and he is noticeable during the game. Furthermore, he’s the type of player that could conceivably fill the hole that Cody McLeod left behind when he was traded.

The Avs are missing a bottom six forward who will stand up for his teammates, drop the gloves when need be, and grind away the other team’s lines.

However, Marty has yet to prove that he can be that type of player — the type of player that fights when necessary — but he certainly possesses the style of game to make that kind of impact.

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How many times have Avs fans see Martinsen throw a huge hit, or muscle out a player in front of the net? Many times… Unfortunately, the Avs haven’t seen Marty stand up for his teammates the same way that McLeod did.

And, that — to me — is the next step in Martinsen’s ability to establish a more significant and permanent role with this team. He needs to be the enforcer who can score.

Luckily, Marty has a much higher scoring upside than Cody McLeod, and can probably demand a rather fine contract because of it.

So, if Cody McLeod is making 1.33 million next season, can Marty make the same? Yes.


Does that seem like an astronomical price for Marty? Yes. But, on a good team, with a formidable bottom six, doesn’t Marty have a chance to be a much more impactful player? I think so.

He’s the man on the left side bottom line next season, and he should be. Should they sign a free agent? No. Martinsen is the perfect fit for the bottom line left side next season.

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And, his contract will probably cost the Avs at least 1 million. If that’s the price for Marty long term, then by all means, print the paperwork.

What do ‘ye faithful Avs fans think? Should the Avs re-sign Marty, and if so, then at what price?