Colorado Avalanche Adding Injury to Insult With Nikita Zadorov Injury

Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

It was recently reported by the Denver Post that Colorado Avalanche defenseman Nikita Zadorov was injured in Monday’s practice.

The Colorado Avalanche just can’t seem to catch a break this season. After it looked like Nikita Zadorov was finally skating into his own, it’s been reported that he was injured during Monday’s practice and fractured his ankle.

I say injury to insult — instead of the usual insult to injury — because this season has been insulting, and it just got worse with Zadorov’s season-ending injury.

Just as things seem to be going up for the Avs, this happens. Zadorov was having a great season for the Avs, and you could really see his development skyrocketing recently.

Just as EJ’s injury was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it happened, Zadorov’s injury could be a serious hindrance on his development. He was just starting to skate into his stride, and develop into the player he is likely to become on the Avs blueline.

There are Some Positives

The positives are actually pretty dim, but when his leg got caught under Mikko Rantanen, it was feared that he had a knee injury. Fortunately, it’s only an ankle fracture.

I say “only” because I don’t know the extent of the fracture, but hopefully it’s not shattered or something. Also, knees can generally hinder players more than anything else, so it’s good to know he didn’t tear a ligament.

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This — although not the way you want to see it happen — also gives the Avs a chance to call up a defensive prospect from the AHL.

It’s going to be interesting to see who they call up — if they call someone up — because there are two defensemen in San Antonio that need to be considered.

Who Will the Avs Call Up?

The decision is obviously between Chris Bigras and Duncan Siemens, because both are left handed, and both are ready for some NHL time.

If I’m Avs management, then I’m calling up Duncan Siemens. He’s a former No. 11 overall pick who has had his development hindered by injuries. However, he’s having a real good year with the San Antonio Rampage, and he’s still only 23.

I have more detail on a Duncan Siemens call up in this article:

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Basically, the man is ready and if Joe Sakic wanted to give him one more chance to prove his worth, then this is his opportunity.

What else do the Avs have to lose this season? Give me one reason why they shouldn’t give Siemens a shot at the NHL? If they don’t call him up, I’m going to start questioning the front office’s ability to make informed decisions about their club.

Chris Bigras has a lot of upside, but he needs more time to develop. He isn’t having the best year with San Antonio either, and he’s still very young — 21 — for a defenseman. Personally, I’d love to see the Avs trade him in a deal that brings in another left-handed defenseman, but that’s another article.

The point is, Siemens needs his chance, and that time is now. He plays the same style as Zadorov — he doesn’t have the same offensive upside — and would be a no-brainer for the Avs at this point.


The Avs season just got worse with the Nikita Zadorov injury because this season is all about next season in reality. Zadorov is the future on the blueline for the Avs, and he was just starting to show his salt before getting injured.

So yes, injury to insult. This season has been one of the most insulting affairs that I have ever witnessed. And, in a season that is supposed to be a rebuild toward the future, an injury to one of those future players is upsetting.

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Luckily the Avs now have a chance to give another player, that could figure into their future, a chance at playing in the NHL. Duncan Siemens needs this opportunity. If I don’t see news about Siemens being called up to the Avs Tuesday morning, then there is reason to rage.

Keep your focus to the news section on Google, and hope to see Duncan Siemens in a headline.

It’s a bummer to see Zadorov go down, but his injury might give Siemens a shot at proving he can play in the NHL.