Colorado Avalanche Rumors: Analyzing the LA Kings as Trade Partners

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This is a tough trade for the Avs to consider because the defenseman they would be getting for Landy is not very young. He’s still got some good years ahead of him, but he’s not really a defenseman of the future for the Avs.

Nonetheless, the Kings have some promising forward talent, and if the Avs could pry Kempe or Pearson away plus some draft picks and Muzzin, then it’s definitely a deal Joe Sakic should at least consider.

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There’s plenty of time before the trade deadline, so deals are going to begin heating up between the Avs and buyers. However, I don’t really foresee the Kings as viable trade partners unless they throw in a bunch with Muzzin.

Although, It’s unlikely the Kings would be willing to give up what the Avs would ask for in that case.

The Kings are certainly an interesting trade partner to consider, but there are ultimately better options out there. Keep checking back in the next few days to see what better options are available for the Avs.