Colorado Avalanche Rumors: Analyzing Carolina Hurricanes as Trade Partners

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The Colorado Avalanche and Carolina Hurricanes would appear to be perfect trade partners, but will a deal get done between the two?

Jeff Skinner — of the Carolina Hurricanes — needs some help in the top six, and the Colorado Avalanche need some help on their blueline. Therefore, both teams seem to be good trade partners for one another. Perhaps a deal can be accomplished between the two.

It’s actually very likely that a deal could be accomplished between the two. The Avs have a wealth — debatably — of what the ‘Canes need, and the ‘Canes certainly have a lot of defensive depth.

I say debatably because the Avs do not really have a wealth of top six forwards currently. However, that should change by next season, and this season is already in the gutter.

So, why not make a trade for a defenseman that can contribute to the future of this team. Said future should be pretty clear by early August of next year…and a steady defenseman needs to be a part of that future.

Anyway, the Hurricanes definitely present a viable trade partner, so let’s look at some potential targets.