Colorado Avalanche Should Consider Trading Mikhail Grigorenko


The Colorado Avalanche are going to make a trade — or several — that much is clear. Mikhail Grigorenko should be an option the Avs consider trading.

I love Mikhail Grigorenko, and I’ve always been hopeful that he would become a pivotal piece on the Colorado Avalanche.

His chances of becoming that piece are by no means over, but his time is dwindling. So, I propose that Avalanche management consider him as a tradable option.

He is on another one-year contract, another prove-it contract, and he hasn’t really proven anything this year. He’s on pace for a career year, but he’s still only on pace for 28 points — that’s third line production at best.

He has the skills to be an amazing forward for sure, but he hasn’t hit his stride yet, and he may never hit his stride.

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He can pass the puck like nobody’s business, and he definitely possesses some serious scoring ability. However, he hasn’t been the player the Avs expected when they made that trade with the Buffalo Sabres. And, Grigorenko may have more worth on the block than he does with the team at this point.

In other words, he may be a nice option to include in a trade that features some bigger names.

Trading for a Defenseman is Difficult

The two biggest names in trade rumors around the Avalanche right now are Matt Duchene and Gabe Landeskog. And, the Avs are obviously considering a trade to acquire a top-tier defenseman with those two players.

However, acquiring a top-pairing defenseman is by no means an easy thing to do. Top six forwards are more common than game-changing defensemen, and teams with said defensemen aren’t willing to make those trades unless the return is significant.

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Grigorenko is still very young, so he makes a nice complimentary piece, and certainly provides teams with a prospect who’s best days are still in front of him.

Grigorenko — to my estimation — will most definitely be at least a 40 point producer in the near future. And, he has the upside to become a 50-60 point producer.

His development just hasn’t been something that screams consistency, and it’s certainly been a bit underwhelming. So, if the Avs are having a hard time getting a team to agree on a deal, then they should certainly throw in Grigs as a complimentary piece.


The only thing exciting about the Avs right now is their dominance of the rumor mill. Otherwise, the team looks flat, they lose like people in Vegas who think they have it all figured out, and they’re just hard to watch.

It’s obvious that they need an influx of talent on their blueline, and some real help in their top six.

Grigorenko still projects as a top six forward, and he’s still young so it might be hard for the Avs to give up on him. However, he isn’t an untouchable asset, and if anything he provides a great option for the Avs to include in a trade as a complimentary piece.

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Giving up on talent that you acquired via trade feels like you’re relegating said trade to the ranks of “bust.” However, Grigorenko just might not be suited to the future of the Avalanche, and his value on the block might help them acquire the type of player they desperately need.

Changes are coming, that much is clear, and the Avs need to make sure that they leave no player off their block.

Keep checking back for more trade analyses and potential options for the Avs to consider dealing — that’s my focus on this team right now.