Colorado Avalanche Rumors: Analyzing the LA Kings as Trade Partners

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The Colorado Avalanche have reportedly been scouting the L.A. Kings “heavily” recently — are the Kings and Avs good trade partners?

The big rumor between the Colorado Avalanche and L.A. Kings involves Gabe Landeskog and Jake Muzzin. However, there are some other players that would need to be considered in order for the Kings to acquire Landeskog’s rights.

The Kings do have a solid blueline, but the players that comprise that blueline are getting older. In other words, Landeskog is only 24 years old, while Muzzin is 27.

It’s not a huge difference, but Jake Muzzin is not really a player of the future for the Avalanche. So, if he’s going to be the centerpiece of that trade, he better have some nice floral arrangements around him.

Unfortunately, their prospect pipeline is not stocked by any means, but I was able to find a few viable options, and also some young players currently on the Kings’ roster who may work as well.

Nonetheless, the Kings are also fighting for a playoff spot, and currently hold down the second wild card spot.

So, if the Avs do acquire a draft pick from the Kings, it needs to be a conditional one. The Kings won’t have a particularly high draft pick in this year’s first round. Especially not if they have Landeskog on their team.

Regardless, Jake Muzzin is a good player, and with the right combination of prospects/young roster players and picks, a deal might be conceivable. First, let’s do a little digging on Jake Muzzin.