Colorado Avalanche: Tyson Barrie to the Arizona Coyotes?

What would the Arizona Coyotes have to give to the Colorado Avalanche to send Tyson Barrie to the desert? Two armchair GMs negotiate a potential trade.

When it comes to the Colorado Avalanche, the hockey world is aflutter about Tyson Barrie. The excitement isn’t because Barrie is such a great player — though he is– but because he’s supposedly on the trade block.

The reason it’s thought Barrie is on the trade block is largely because he’s about to become a restricted free agent and is represented by the same agency that instigated the whole Ryan O’Reilly debacle.

There are other reasons Barrie is perceived to be on the trade block. I cover them in this post:

Personally, I don’t think the Colorado Avalanche are going to trade Tyson Barrie. I think it’s far more likely they’ll take him to salary arbitration.

That said, I got a trade solicitation from former Howlin’ Hockey editor — and current Vavel writer — Bill Grigsby. Just as Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is honor-bound to consider all trade requests, we armchair GMs must do the same.

Here’s the initial offer.

Arizona Coyotes Offer for Tyson Barrie

Out of the blue, Bill offered the following query:

“Any chance Av’s would entertain the Yotes 20th pick and say Grossmann and a prospect (Connor Garland) for Barrie?”

I answered him with a series of laughing emojis. However, let’s consider what he offered.

The Arizona Coyotes have the #20 draft pick because of a trade with the New York Rangers that sent a lot of players and picks flying all over the country and with conditions. Suffice it to say, they have that pick on offer.

Depending on how the draft shakes out, even defenseman Jake Bean or left wing Max Jones could still be available. However, The Hockey Writers has the sizable (6-foot-5, 205 pounds) defenseman Riley Tuft at #20.

Nicklas Grossmann is a large (6-foot-4, 230 pounds) defenseman who’s 31 years old. He’s a good shot blocker, but he lacks elite skills. He’s an upcoming unrestricted free agent coming off a $3 million contract.

Here’s Bill’s description of Connor Garland:

“Connor Garland is a good prospect, but small at 5′ 8″, 160. Great playmaker, with 129 points last couple seasons.”

When pressed, Bill offered up Jarred Tinordi in place of Grossmann. Tinordi is just 24 and a pending restricted free agent. He’s big — 6-foot-6, 225 pounds — and good at shutdown defense. He’s more of a stay-at-home defenseman with just a little upside.

So, I stand by my series of laughing emojis as an answer to that proposal. (I’m guessing Joe Sakic has to be more diplomatic, which is a pity.)

Colorado Avalanche Counter-Proposal for Tyson Barrie

I countered by offering Tyson Barrie for 21-year-old center Max Domi. Aside from Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Domi is the Coyote’s prized possession. He’s a very talented young player with creativity and aggression that belies his small stature (5-foot-10, 198 pounds). Trading Barrie for him would be a little like trading pound-for-pound of hockey player.

Bill answered that proposal with thumbs-down and shocked face emojis. (Seriously, if Sakic doesn’t employ such tactics, he’s missing out.)

I modified my offer to Barrie for Jiri Sekac and the Coyotes’ #7 pick. Sekac is a 25-year-old pending restricted free agent looking for his bridge deal. He’s 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, with a lethal shot and scoring instincts. He can be inconsistent, though, especially on defense.

Bill admonished me to not be greedy. He stated we could have Sekac but not the #7 pick in addition.

At that point talks died down. I may be over-estimating Tyson Barrie’s worth. However, I believe trade negotiations aren’t based on worth but perceived worth. And practically every team has dreamed about having Tyson Barrie.

Maybe Barrie for the #7 pick (Could get defensemen such as Jakob Chychrun or Olli Juolevi at that spot) and a prospect such as Connor Garland would fly. What do you think would be a good trade with Arizona?