Colorado Avalanche: Buyers, Sellers, or Neither at Deadline?

Feb 6, 2016; Denver, CO, USA; Winnipeg Jets left wing Nikolaj Ehlers (27) and Colorado Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie (4) fight in the third period at the Pepsi Center. The Jets won 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 6, 2016; Denver, CO, USA; Winnipeg Jets left wing Nikolaj Ehlers (27) and Colorado Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie (4) fight in the third period at the Pepsi Center. The Jets won 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

The Colorado Avalanche are swiftly approaching the trade deadline, along with the rest of the league. The next week and a half will be crucial in determining whether or not they will be buyers or sellers at the deadline. There is also a strong possibility that there won’t be any movement as well.

The Colorado Avalanche currently hold a playoff spot, but the teams around them have a few games in hand. It’s float or sink right now for the Avalanche, and if they want to float then they need to start winning games.

If they don’t fare well over the next week and a half before the deadline, then they will almost certainly miss the playoffs again this year.

So, the four games they play before the deadline will certainly play a role in whether or not they are buyers, sellers, or neither.


This is a long shot, I’ll just put it there.

Even though I just released a post about the necessity of change in some capacity in the Avalanche organization, I don’t see this coming in the form of a trade unless the Avs win all four games up until the deadline. Even then, it’s a long shot that they make any huge trade.

Still, they could certainly use some defensive help, particularly because their prospect pool is thin in all categories.

With Jarome Iginla and Alex Tanguay soon to depart the fold as well, the Avalanche are certainly in need of some offensive help.

Mikko Rantanen will most definitely fill one of those roles, but if they could pick up at least a top-nine forward, then the Avalanche would look pretty strong offensively.

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However, if they plan to make a run in the playoffs this season, then they will most certainly need to acquire a strong top-four defenseman. I honestly think they are one good defenseman away from having a roster worthy of a good run in the playoffs.

Still, if the Avalanche are teetering on the bubble by the trade deadline, then there probably won’t be any significant trades that happen.

Even if they are solidified in a playoff spot (which won’t happen in the next five games unless they run the table) they still are unlikely to pull off a big deal.


This scenario is a more viable option, particularly with the way the Colorado Avalanche are playing as of late.

They have gone 3-4-1 in their last seven games, and are only holding onto a playoff spot because the teams around them are also losing, and because the Avalanche have played more games.

If their effort is consistently poor over the next four games, then the Colorado Avalanche will most certainly try to dump salary, or potential salary that they’ll have to give up over the summer.

I’m still not ruling out a Tyson Barrie trade, especially if the Avs continue to play like they have. Barrie could most definitely bring Jonathan Drouin to Colorado, and he might be worth the trade, especially if they don’t have to resign him.

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He hasn’t played outstanding this season, and he’s definitely not the most defensively reliable blue-liner in the top-four. In fact he’s probably the least defensively reliable.

Sure he puts up points, but he hasn’t even been doing that of late with just seven points in the last 17 games, and he’s an accumulative -6 in the +/- category over that span.

I’d consider trading him for the right price if I were management.

Also, if the Avs bomb the next four games, then they’ll most likely be looking at a rather nice draft pick that could possibly bring a top-tier defenseman to Colorado.

Still, I don’t want the Colorado Avalanche to be sellers, particularly at the price of Tyson Barrie, unless of course he brings in Jonathan Drouin.


This is the most likely scenario for the Colorado Avalanche at the deadline. They may enact some minuscule trades that see some minor league movement, and possibly some current roster bubble players, just so they can get rid of at least one of their 50 contracts.

But, the Colorado Avalanche will likely tread water over the next four games, barely hold onto a playoff spot, and give no reason to suggest either buying or selling for Colorado Avalanche management.

If they tread water, then management will keep the future in mind, avoiding any rash decisions, especially if they believe the Avalanche can make the playoffs with the current roster.

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With this scenario though, I’d certainly like to see them at least free up some room in the contract department, and maybe even some salary with players like M.A. Cliche, Patrick Bordeleau, Reto Berra, or even Nate Guenin.

Calvin Pickard also becomes a target in this situation, but his departure would certainly be of the more substantial category. Still, he’s a restricted free-agent (RFA) this offseason, and could ask for too much money from Avalanche brass.


The trade deadline is an exciting time for fans, but it can also come with a lot of disappointment, either via trade of a favorite player, or a lack of trades enacted.

This trade deadline will probably be a rather disappointing affair for the Colorado Avalanche because they’re simply not in the position to pull off anything big.

Another way it could be disappointing is if the Avs end up selling big because of no hope finding the playoffs this season.

As an Avalanche fan, I’m not expecting any big trade to happen unless they bomb the next five games, or run the table in the next five games.

Still, Colorado Avalanche fans can certainly expect some minute trades to happen just because I believe that Avalanche management does not like being at the current 50/50 contracts.

They’re also certainly aware of the fact that they have some money to spend this summer, and it will be difficult to sign both Nathan MacKinnon and Tyson Barrie.

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No matter what happens, the speculation has not been hot around the Colorado Avalanche lately.

There are no substantial rumors surfacing, and it seems that Avalanche management may be biding their time before the deadline to determine whether or not they’ll be partaking in any large capacity.

Keep reading the rumors, and follow the games, because the next five games will determine what role the Avs will play at deadline, if any at all.