Colorado Avalanche: Who’s Tradable Amongst the Group?

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Colorado Avalanche
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With the trade deadline approaching in the near future, the Colorado Avalanche may think about trading a prospect, or current roster player.

The Colorado Avalanche are currently in a tight playoff race, and in order to separate themselves from the pack, they might consider trading a prospect or maybe even a current star in order to bolster their lineup where it is currently weak.

Where is the roster currently weak you ask? I believe that depends on opinion. But, they currently stand at fifth (143) in the league for total goals, while being 25th in the league for goals against (142).

The casual eye would then suggest that the Colorado Avalanche are in need of defense, but perhaps the casual eye would overlook what can be seen with greater detail.

First, let’s discuss players that might be considered as tradable if the Avalanche do seek to bolster their roster.

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