Colorado Avalanche: Who’s Tradable Amongst the Group?

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Colorado Avalanche
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Here’s a quick hit of who could be “tradable” on the Colorado Avalanche, considering enticement from other teams, and the prospective return we could see if they were traded.

Matt Duchene — Woah, what? Yeah, well I think he is a possibility, although I don’t really think it will happen. These talks were hot though when he was struggling to start the season. You have to wonder if the Colorado Avalanche are a little untrusting of his consistency.

Tyson Barrie — This is a more likely scenario. Tyson Barrie is a budding right-handed defensemen, who could bring a real good forward to the team. But then there’s the fact that the blue-line does not need to lose any top defensemen, so this one might be out too.

Semyon Varlamov — A lot of fans were calling for this earlier in the year — and even recently as well — because they know that Calvin Pickard is in the wings, and has a lot of potential. Varly’s out as well because the Avs can’t afford to rely on an unproven goaltender.

Calvin Pickard — Some other team could afford to put some weight on the shoulders of a young guy though, and Calvin Pickard is an RFA next year, while Reto Berra has one year left on his contract. He’s the most tradable asset on this list so far.

Gabe Landeskog — I only list him because Will Radke, a fellow MHS writer, offered some small speculation about it another post. I also think he is the most expendable out of the forwards, his presence would be missed the least. But, he’s the captain so…

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Chris Bigras — Well, he’s obviously got a lot of potential, and could make a good fit for a team that is rebuilding yet ready to drop a player that is ready to add help to a team pushing for a strong playoff hold, and possible run into the further rounds.

Nikita Zadorov — Sure, they just added him via trade this summer, but who’s to say that trading him to get a good player that’s ready now wouldn’t still be winning that trade, or making good use of what they got out of the trade?

John Mitchell — Why not? He hasn’t been tremendous this season, and he’s even been horrendous in some games, but most just blame that on him playing up in the lineup when he shouldn’t. Still, he could be a highly sought after character guy for most teams.

There are certainly some other players that could be added to the list above, like Duncan Siemens, Conner Bleackley, or even Alex Tanguay and Jarome Iginla.

Tangs and Iggy probably won’t see time another team before their careers end, but Duncan Siemens has not been a good fit for the Colorado Avalanche, and they could already be actively shopping him.

The Avs haven’t seen Bleackley showcase his skills in the AHL yet, but they’ve also yet to sign him to an entry-level contract, so they could look to move him as a potential prospect, especially with their depth up the middle. He was also stripped of the Red Deer captaincy this year.

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