Colorado Avalanche: Christmas Gifts from the Team

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Heart Attack Hockey

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes when the Colorado Avalanche start blowing a game, I go fold clothes or otherwise occupy myself with a household chore. I just get so frustrated.

However, I’ve seen the alternative, and its name is the New Jersey Trap. I don’t know that the Devils invented the system in the 1990s, but they popularized it. And now the Minnesota Wild executes the trap to horrible advantage. Constipated hockey — all clogged in the middle.

The Colorado Avalanche played that style of hockey to beat Minnesota in the 20th Anniversary game. It was such a delight to see Colorado win. However, the game itself was so boring, even Minnesota forward Zach Parise stated it lacked “flow.”

Luckily that’s not Colorado’s usual style of hockey. They play a much looser game. And, yes, sometimes that leads to irresponsibility on the ice — the kind that reminds me there’s dishes in the sink. However, I wouldn’t even bother turning the game on in the first place if I had to watch the Trap every night — I’d just see if the score was 2-1 or 1-0 every night and go on my merry way.

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Say what you want about the Avs — they’re not boring.

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