Top 5 Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Fights

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Dishonorable Mention: Fan Fight

Let me start by saying that not one of the players in this fan fight is in the right. There are no winners in this ugly mess.

That said, this fight takes place at the Pepsi Center. It is the home of the Colorado Avalanche and Avalanche fans. Minnesota Wild fans are guests under our roofs.

It’s certainly true that hosts probably ought to welcome their guests. It’s hard to be welcoming to ill-mannered guests, though. It’s hard to be welcoming to women who taunt a drunken fan while his friend begs them to stop. It’s hard to be welcoming to a Wild fan who sucker punches an Avalanche fan in the back of the head.

Like I said, the drunken man’s actions are inexcusable. Watch the video, though — he’s surrounded by Wild fans who are taunting him and egging him on. A fan deserves better in his home arena.

Hopefully there won’t be any such shenanigans on opening night. Like I said before, if there’s going to be any fighting, let it be on the ice between the professionals.

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