Top 5 Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Fights

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Honorable Mention: Gabriel Landeskog vs Mikko Koivu

As Colorado Avalanche fans, we’re not supposed to celebrate this action by our captain. Gabriel Landeskog punched Wild captain Mikko Koivu in the face. We’re supposed to hang our heads because it’s “unsportsmanlike.”

By this point, the Avalanche had lost five straight to the Minnesota Wild and were just seconds from losing a sixth game at home. Minnesota’s cloggy style of hockey had shut out Colorado for too many games. Their players had attacked ours.

We were tired of it. We wanted actual frontier justice.

Gabriel Landeskog provided that.

Our captain punching their captain in the face felt so good for Avalanche fans. It also provided the turning point in the series. The Avalanche won the fifth and final game of the series in Minnesota.

Gabriel Landeskog was fined $5,000 for that move. Coach Roy stated that, for $5,000, Landeskog “should have hit him — make it worth it at least.”

I can’t speak for Landeskog and his $5,000, but for me it was worth it — mostly because of this…

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