Top 5 Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Fights

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Cody McLeod vs Charlie Coyle

It should come as no surprise that Cody McLeod makes this list twice.

We’re not supposed to be proud of this fight. Supposedly head coach Patrick Roy shouldn’t have sent alternate captain Cody McLeod out so late in the game because he’s a known instigator. Supposedly McLeod man-handled the smallish Mikael Granlund. (It’s true he checks him, but, you know, it’s hockey.)

Cody McLeod knows how to throw fast, devastating punches, and this is what he does to Wild forward Charlie Coyle when the latter tries to inflict frontier justice.

After McLeod wins the fight — we’ve got to go with him as the victor — he looks ready to take on the whole Wild bench. I love how Wild center Kyle Brodziak makes as if he’s going to jump over the boards to take on McLeod. (But McLeod is the only instigator.)

As for the rest of what happens, let’s get to that.

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