Top 5 Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Fights

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Nate Guenin vs Kyle Brodziak

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Nate Guenin, for all his forearm shivers, isn’t known for being a fighter. When the Avs play the Wild, though, sometimes punches simply occur.

What I love about this fight is it all stems for a Barrie Smash. Tyson Barrie, of course, is the smallest guy on the Avalanche at 5-foot-10, 190 pounds. He’s also far more well known for his roving plays than his physicality.

He’s also known for being Matt Cooke‘s victim in Game 3 of the Avalanche-Wild playoffs of 2014.

Nonetheless, when Barrie labels the much larger Nate Prosser (6-foot-2, 210 pounds) with a clean check, the Minnesota Wild acted like Barrie was a murderous thug. The Avs’ captain, Gabriel Landeskog, had to get involved, but it was Nate Guenin who ended up dropping the gloves.

I’d like to say Guenin won, but let’s just say he held his own.

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