The Best Moments In Colorado Avalanche History

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The Dynasty

Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This poll originally included the following options:

1) Ray Bourque lifts the Cup

2) 2001 Stanley Cup

3) 1996 Stanley Cup

4) Peter Forsberg’s Hall of Fame career

However, the bottom two were once again inadequate to fit the mold for elite moments. That’s rather telling really because the 1996 Stanley Cup win didn’t garner much attention, and neither did Peter Forsberg’s HoF career. It means that many people gained admiration and dedication to the Colorado Avalanche later in their tenure, rather than in their first year.

Peter Forsberg’s career was something of consistency across the eras of the Colorado Avalanche. Still, it’s obvious that people were most captivated by the 2001 Stanley Cup, and the moment in which Ray Bourque finally got to kiss the greatest trophy in sports.

Once again, the options are clearly laid out.

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