Top 5 Matt Duchene Goals from 2014-15

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#2: Matt Duchene vs Carey Price

This goal is probably the ugliest of the lot. There’s no breakaway. There’s no spin-o-rama. There’s not even much in the way of puck handling. In fact, Duchene just tips it in:

This goal makes the list, and high up the list, because of the sheer effort that went into scoring this goal. The Colorado Avalanche recorded 34 shots on goal against the Montreal Canadiens. Duchene got 10 of those. That’s right, Matt Duchene was responsible for almost a third of the Avalanche’s shots on goal in that game.

The game made the score 3-2 for Montreal, which was also the final score. The game came mid-October, though, in that dark time when Avs Nation saw that Avs New Age was too similar to Avs Old Age, or the age of losing.

That’s why this hard-fought Matt Duchene goal is all the prettier — it was a beacon in those dark times.

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