Top 5 Matt Duchene Goals from 2014-15

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#4: Matt Duchene vs Curtis McElhinney

Early on in March, the Colorado Avalanche visited the Columbus Blue Jackets. They were not courteous guests — they ended up beating the Jackets 4-0 in front of the Columbus crowd.

A Columbus skater tried to thread the puck over Duchene’s stick. That’s a mistake when you’ve got a stick handler like Duchene. Matt just took possession, and he was off.

Have I mentioned that Matt Duchene can fly? But you already knew that. Watch as he draws away from the whole crowd on the ice:

Another one of Duchene’s signature moves is the little kick back he effects before shooting. The purpose is to fool the goalie with the sudden movement. It works a lot for Dutchy, and it works here against McElhinney.

The Columbus player who passed the puck right to Duchene vents his frustration by knocking the net off its mooring. Too late — Duchene has scored.

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