Colorado Avalanche: Top 6 Ugly Goals of 2014-15

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#3: Nick Holden vs the Calgary Flames

Here’s another bank shot by Zach Redmond. Only this time defenseman Nick Holden fumbles the puck past Calgary goalie Kari Ramos.

The December 4 game against the Calgary Flames was another one-goal game that unfortunately this time went the Flames’ way in overtime. It was one of those games during which Colorado goalie Semyon Varlamov was showing the unreliability of his groin.

Nick Holden’s goal came in the second period and actually put the Avalanche up 2-1. It’s the quintessential ugly goal because there’s now way to tell how Holden even got it in the net — he’s flailing around outside the crease. However, he obviously got his stick on the puck to shove it past Ramos:

Redmond’s good, hard work and Holden’s taking the tough spot led to this ugly goal.