Colorado Avalanche: Top 6 Ugly Goals of 2014-15

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#4: Zach Redmond vs the Carolina Hurricanes

In the dismal days of November goals were so hard to come by. Already Avalanche fans and sports writers were remarking that the Colorado players were trying to get too fancy. We all just wanted the team to shoot the puck more.

On November 22, the team hosted the Carolina Hurricanes in what would ultimately be a one-goal game — and a win for the Avalanche. The goal below is not the game-winner — rather, it’s the goal that cut the Carolina Hurricanes’ 2-0 lead in half.

It wasn’t one of those sweet goals either. Colorado defenseman Zach Redmond made a bank shot off of a Carolina Hurricanes player that snuck past Carolina goalie Cam Ward. Watch how happy the Avs are — a goal, a goal, their kingdom for a goal.