Colorado Avalanche: Top 6 Ugly Goals of 2014-15

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#5: Matt Duchene vs the St. Louis Blues

Center Matt Duchene almost didn’t make this list. He is the king of scoring pretty goals — and not shooting unless he thinks he has a pretty chance.

However, this January game marked the final match between the Colorado Avalanche and the St. Louis Blues. I’d say Avalanche fans were finally used to see center Paul Stastny in St. Louis blue.

Duchene must have forgotten that his friend is no longer his teammate because he whirls around and whips the puck right to Stastny. And Stastny must have forgotten that he’s no longer an Avalanche. He seems to angle his stick just right for the puck to make it past Blues goalie Brian Elliott:

Funnily enough, if Stastny were still with the Avalanche, this goal couldn’t have made the ugly goals list. However, own-goals by the other teams are always some of the best ugly goals.