Colorado Avalanche: Top 6 Ugly Goals of 2014-15

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#6: John Mitchell vs the New Jersey Devils

Center John Mitchell scored on New Jersey Devils goalie Cory Schneider. It’s always nice when a player scores a game-tying goal — after all, your team had been down until then.

This particular tally is a real meat-and-potatoes kind of play for Mitchell. The Avalanche have the puck in the Devils’ zone. Star wingers Jarome Iginla and Gabriel Landeskog are whirling around and puck handling behind the net. Mitchell drives to the front.

Mitchell receives a pass from Iginla. He settles it, but it ends up kind of bouncing against Schneider. Mitchell somehow gets enough wood on the puck to scoop it up, and it squeaks its way past Schneider.

John Mitchell’s goal:

The Avalanche went on to win this one-goal game 3-2.