Top 5 Avalanche Hockey Fights of 2014-15

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#2: Cody McLeod Does Dallas

Colorado Avalanche winger Cody McLeod had Valentines for the Dallas Stars, and they all came courtesy of his fists.

It all started in the first period. McLeod and Dallas skater Curtis McKenzie started battling along the boards. The battle became heated, and the two players ended up squaring off:

McLeod’s a very seasoned fighter (around 100 NHL hockey fights!), and he made quick work of McKenzie.

This hotly-contested game got ugly a little later in the third period. Cody McLeod finishes his check a little too enthusiastically against Dallas forward Jason Demers. Demers initially shook it off while a scrum ensued with McLeod at the center. The referees broke it up (with Tyson Barrie “discussing the weather” with a big, strong Jordie Benn).

Back at the benches, with McLeod casually leaning on the boards for a chat with Nathan MacKinnon, Demers gets himself riled up over that enthusiastic check. He skates over to McLeod and leans over the referee to sucker punch Cody.

Oh, that’s a bad idea. McLeod whips around ready to kick butt and take names. When players on the Stars bench reach for McLeod, Cody does Dallas:

His fist of fury just starts pumping, and no one in Dallas green is safe.