Top 5 Avalanche Hockey Fights of 2014-15

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#3: Jarome Iginla Christmas Fight

Unlike the previous two hockey fights on this list, #3 doesn’t herald a first. The Christmas fight with St. Louis Blues skater Barret Jackman was certainly not Jarome Iginla’s first NHL fight — it wasn’t even his first of the season with the Colorado Avalanche. Heck, it wasn’t even his first fight with Barret Jackman, since the two dropped the gloves once when Iginla was still with the Calgary Flames.

The Christmas fight was a pretty storied battle just the same. Both players are pretty seasoned fighters. The two players go a couple rounds with a lot of wrestling but also quite a few landed punches.

Both teams liked to think the Christmas fight went to their player. We’re pretty sure Jarome Iginla won.

However, after the Christmas fight, Jackman channeled the spirit of the season and went on to make a friend: