Top 5 Avalanche Hockey Fights of 2014-15

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#4: Nate Guenin’s First Fight

Even though Nate Guenin is a shut-down defenseman and a gritty player, he’s not known for his fights. In fact, in a February game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Guenin engaged in his first NHL hockey fight.

According to color analyst Peter McNab, Guenin is known for his forearm shiver. He laid this move on Tampa right wing Nikita Kucherov. Lightning tough guy Brenden Morrow took offense to the play. He jumped on the ice and asked Guenin to dance.

Guenin described the situation to Denver Post writer Mike Chambers at the time:

"“[Morrow] came off for him, a line change, and asked me to go right away. I was so (freaking) tired. I get it. I was just so tired, just gassed. It’s not like he jumped me. He asked me, and I was just like, ‘Dude, (jeez) whatever you want to do’.”"

Guenin fought a bit better in his first fight than MacKinnon, but it’s slill glaringly obvious he was tired: